Our firm was founded to help small investors build significant capital over time.

Since we believe in owning as many promising stocks as possible, we generally buy on margin.* Borrowing to invest can force liquidations if the market collapses, so we try to balance this exposure by selling short. This ability to seek investments both up and downstream is rarely available to smaller investors. We, however, view it as an effective tool that doubles our clients' dollars at work (it also doubles our commissions), while moderately reducing their exposure to abrupt swings in the market.

Our approach is not for the short-term investor. Clients must be able and willing to accept risks. Accounts will experience sharp fluctuations month to month, year to year. It takes a strong stomach to invest with us.

Clients entrust decision making for their accounts to us: we buy and sell without asking our clients to authorize in advance each transaction. We are paid commissions for our work.**

* Retirement accounts prohibit the use of margin.

**Retirement accounts are charged a fee based on assets under management, rather than commissions.


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